You can order the A Tale from Taleland ebook in many ebook formats (epub, mobi, pdf, etc). The procedure is as follows:

  • send an email with the following information to info@greengrail.com:
    • the format of the ebook (epub3, mobi, or pdf)
      • Note that epub3 is probably the best choice as it works on any device with an appropriate viewer, e.g. Radium extension for Chrome browser. Epub3 is also used by iBook application on all Apple devices.
      • Mobi is used on Kindle but does not support narration.
      • PDF is a backup format for ebooks; it works on all devices but does not support narration. I
      • if you want some other format, let us know and we will generate it.
    • en email address where we can send the book
    • if you require a receipt for a company, send your VAT number and other details
  • send the required amount (5.00 euros) to the account listed below or (simpler) to the PayPal account marko.robnik@fri.uni-lj.si
  • once we receive the money, we will immediately send you the book and the receipt
  • for any question contact as at info@greengrail.com

Account number: SI56 0201 0275 9966 477
Bank: Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.
Account owner: Jožica Robnik-Šikonja
Address: Klemenova ulica 118
1260 Ljubljana Polje